Rosina Samadani, Ph.D.

EyeBOX Co Founder / CEO

Healthcare technology aficionado with 23 years of experience. Currently CEO of Oculogica, a medical device company founded by a neurosurgeon and dedicated to developing breakthrough technology to fundamentally transform the diagnosis of concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries with its non-invasive, fast, patent-protected and peer-reviewed technology:
– Raised $11M+ from accredited investors, angel groups and venture capital
– Conducted multiple FDA interactions for disruptive, breakthrough diagnostics via the de novo and 510(k) pathways
– Led the procurement of $500K+ funding via NIH and FDA grants
– Established successful relationships with major research centers and the Department of Defense
– Implemented QA systems
– Authored multiple patents
– Winner of the 2018 Angel Capital Association Luis Villalobos Award for Innovative Startup
– Winner of the 2019 NIMBLE Health Vanguard Award for entrepreneurship in healthcare
– 2020 Fast Company Most Creative People in Business

Previously, Founder and President of Truth On Call, earth’s fastest verified healthcare practitioner input. Launched January 2010.

Previously, Founder and President of Capella Advisors, a strategic consulting firm to the healthcare industry providing support of data and digital strategy, product commercialization, portfolio strategy, market entry, and business development. Founded 2004.

With McKinsey and Company for 7 years serving in the healthcare practice on efforts ranging from clinical development to product marketing.

PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University and BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.