When Concussed
“The Eyes Don’t Lie”

A new era for concussion diagnosis has begun.

Give your patients the assessment they deserve. An objective way to assess concussion, no baseline required.

The only baseline-free test authorised by FDA as an aid in the diagnosis of concussion.

How it works

The EyeBOX device is user friendly and in under 4 minutes Oculogica’s proprietary technology collects and analyses over 100,000 data tracking points to generate an objective assessment that is unique to each patient.

The EyeBOX assessment can be administered quickly and is a non invasive or mentally-taxing procedure.

The process

  • The patient watches an engaging 4-minute video clip.
  • The EyeBOX device tracks their eye movement with a safe, high-frequency camera.
  • The EyeBOX test produces a BOX score to give you more insight into your patient’s condition.


The EyeBOX provides detailed graphic results in under 4 minutes & identifies degree and can be indicative of location of the concussion.


EyeBox is a medical device, manufactured by Oculogica, that tracks your eye movements to help determine if you have a concussion.

Following a brain injury, swelling occurs that can lead to a concussion. Concussion symptoms can be subtle and take up to 24 hours to appear.

Historically cognitive tests used for evaluating disorientation from concussion often require prior testing to create a baseline.

Concussions mostly do not show up on MRI or CT imaging scans, which can delay diagnosis. and intervention. Yet, these tools remain the gold standard for evaluating brain injury.

Oculogica is trying to change that with the EyeBOX. EyeBOX collects and analyses over 100,000 data tracking points across 67-domains of eye movement to generate an objective assessment of concussion that is unique to each patient.

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Equestrian Sports

The value of EyeBox in sports medicine

There is growing concern in Australia and internationally about the incidence of sport-related concussion and potential health ramifications for athletes.

Other diagnostics can require a baseline test, which is often generated at the beginning of a sport season, pre-injury, and is compared to subsequent test results at the time of a suspected concussion. Baseline tests can also be “gamed” or memorised so that athletes can pass a subsequent test.

EyeBOX’s unique eye-tracking algorithm enables it to be baseline-free, a major advancement for the field.

This device will ensure the health of the athlete is the number one priority.

A real game changer for sport.

Easy to use
4 Minute assessment
Baseline free
FDA approved
Portable and accurate
Pinpoint indicative to where concussion is located

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